10 June 2013

New Blog!

As promised, I have been working hard on my new blog!

I've stated that I feel like my life is in a completely new chapter and this blog, no matter what I did, made me feel like it was in the same place as me.

I am very excited for the new blog and I am probably prematurely posting it's information, however, I would LOVE LOVE your feedback.

The House on Sunflower Lane is a blog about taking the house we bought, and completely remodeling it and making it our own. BUT, it's not just a DIY/decorating blog. You will still get all of the posts about my life, including the Twinkies!

Again, I am so excited about how everything has come together, and I am ready to share it with you.

Check out The House on Sunflower Lane here!

See you all there!

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21 May 2013

The End.

This is the end of "And the Adventure Continues."

I have had this blog since 2008 and I have tried to shut it down several times. I have just never felt like it was the time to let it go.

But I do now.

My family and I are on such a different path now than we were 5 years ago.

There will be a new a blog, it's currently in the very first stage of planning and once it's up and running, I will make another post with that link.

I see it as closing one chapter and starting a new one.

I look forward to seeing you all at my new blog!


02 May 2013

I've been diagnosed with...

New homeowner ADD

Seriously. I have so many projects for the house that I have bought stuff for.

For the past two months, I have ordered stuff for the house. Then, I've bought stuff almost daily the past week.

Plus, I'm still not done unpacking (movers came Friday), and cleaning...

I'm drowning. I don't know where to start.

When I do start somewhere, I get bored and move to another project.


I'll dig myself out this whole soon and be back with updates soon!


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20 April 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday, April 19, I turned 29 years old.

Yesterday, April 19, I also became a homeowner!

Also, while doing the final walkthrough of the house, before heading to closing, I got a phone call that my stuff had made it to Hood and will be delivered on Friday.


There was even cake.

As of Friday, I will officially be living in my house.

That I own.

This process has been long. It's been stressful. And I'm exhausted.

I still have a long road ahead of me in getting the house to my level. Like I have mentioned before, it needs a lot of work.

Mostly repair work and gallons of paint.

I am so happy to have the house buying behind me and I really look forward to the work that is going to go into it.

I just need my husband home and thankfully, we only have about 2 weeks before he gets here.

I won't be on much through the week, if even at all. I leave Thursday to go to the house to start getting it ready for stuff to come Friday and my internet won't be turned on until that Monday!

But I get TV on Saturday!

It's all coming together.


16 April 2013

They grow so fast...

Before you get to the photo:

Yes, I know the photo to the right is dated wrong.
    A) It should read 2013, not 2012.
    B) No, we're not time travelers. My computer is still set to Germany time so when I went to put the date, I referred to that, it was already tomorrow in Gemany.

Yes, I could fix it but I had already gotten out of my program, my computer was being wonky, and I didn't feel like fixing it.


To the photo.

The photo to the left is Hayley helping her Papa with dishes when we came out to visit last summer. She looks so tiny compared to the photo on the right, a photo taken today while helping her Papa vacuum seal some catfish for a fish fry later in May. Her hair has grown like crazy BUT, at least still she hates wearing clothes :)

My baby girl is growing up way too fast.


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11 April 2013

Still Here...

Still homeless.

We're still moving forward with the house that I posted about in this post but the process is just never ending.

We submitted our offer on March 10 and it was accepted March 11.

One month ago exactly.

There was some back and forth and ammended offers due to repair work so the final offer wasn't finished until about two weeks ago.

The realtor originally wanted to close Monday but the appraisal was taking longer than we hoped.

So then she wanted to close on the 19th which was perfect for me, it's my birthday. Nothing like going 6 figures in debt on your birthday, am I right?

Well now, the seller doesn't want to close until all of the repair work is finished which, in a normal situation would be ok.

BUT, I have to go in and fix some things, it needs quite a bit of repair work and gallons upon gallons of paint.

And I wanted it all to be done before my stuff got here.

So now, our new closing date is the 22nd and my stuff is supposed to be here by the 25th. Yes, the military will store it for up to 90 days but I don't want to take the chance of anything happening to it. The least amount of time it's in their possession, the better. They've already had it for over a month.

Once we close, get the house repaired and painted, I will have about a week to get the movers out and unpack before Mat gets here.


I wanted it all to be done before he came home so he could actually enjoy spending leave with his family after being separated for almost 3 months but it looks like he's actually going to have to do some work.

That's where we are now. Still waiting.

Story of my life.


28 March 2013

The New House...

I am pleased to introduce to you:

Our new house:

Living room looking into dining/kithen

Looking down onto the living room

Living room
Downstairs half bathroom
Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Master bathroom

Master closet
Twins room


As everyone always says, pictures don't do it justice. In this case, the pictures pretty much show you a lot better than what the house looks like. In perfect condition, the house would have sold for almost $20,000 more than what we offered so I can't complain. Mat and I don't mind a fixer upper at all. I'm actually looking forward to fixing it up and making it home.

We really got lucky. We wanted either a 4 bedroom house or a 3 bedroom with loft or extra room. This house is 4 bedrooms with loft and almost 2,000sqft. We really couldn't say no. It offered us the room we needed plus extra. We knew to get what we wanted in our price range, we would have to go the handyman special route.

The process has been long but well worth it. During our inspection, the inspector noted some foundation issues. It took a week and a half to get a foundation guy out to check it out. The seller is going to pay to fix the minor foundation issues and has accepted our offer.

Finally! The negotiating and wondering and waiting is over. It has been killing me to not be able to shop every time I go into a store. Every time I thought of buying something, I had to remind myself that the ammended offer hadn't been accepted yet and to slow down.



It's on.

Anything is fair game :)


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